• A Case for Closed Communion (Lesson)  – What do the scriptures teach regarding the proper way for a church to observe and administer the Lord’s Supper?  Lesson notes are provided that summarize the meaning and guidelines for observing the Lord’s Supper and a biblical rationale for celebrating this ordinance within the membership of a local congregation.
  • A Survey of Christian Doctrines – Lesson Series written by Elder John Keen Jr., based on A Survery of Chrsitian Doctrines by J.M. Pendleton.  Visit the Page
  • A Letter from a Jehovah’s Witness (Student) (Teacher) – A study on the Deity of Jesus Christ and how to handle some of the proofs (falsely so called) of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Christian Conduct (Student) (Teacher) – an overview of the Church Covenant, taken in part from Lesson 6 of “The Importance of Old Fashion Missionary Baptist Churches and the Truth they Teach and Practice” by Elder Billy L. Moran
  • Church Government (Lesson)  – The defining principles and practice of Church Government as taught by Scripture.
  • Evangelism 101 (Student) (Teacher) – A study on some of the basic concepts of the gospel
  • Grace and Truth – (Student) (Teacher) – The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.  How does the ministry of Jesus compare with the ministry of Moses?
  • How Accurate is the Bible? – (Student) (Teacher) – This is a much debated subject?  How much confidence can I have in what the Bible teaches?  Is every word inspired by God or just certain parts of the Bible?
  • Loving Discipline (Lesson) – a topic that is often avoided, loving discipline is God’s design for maintaining the purity of His bride.  When done in the correct manner and the correct spirit, God is honored and the individual is led to repentance.
  • The Canonization of the Bible (Student) (Teacher) – Who determined what books are in the Bible and how did they do it?
  • The Grinch that Tried to Steal Christmas (Teacher) – when you understand how hard Satan worked to stop the coming of Christ, you will begin to understand why His birth was such a miracle.
  • Who Killed Jesus? (Student) (Teacher) – who was ultimately responsible for the death of Christ?
  • Why Only One Way? (Lesson) – Why is there only one way to a relationship with God?  Don’t all paths lead to enlightenment?

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