Girls Mini Ministries

Back in 2011, my oldest daughter Grace shared a burden with us to minister to other GMMyoung girls through a newsletter she entitled, “Girls Mini Ministries”.  At the time, she was 10 years old.  She went to work learning how to create a newsletter.  Her mother and I only got involved as necessary to teach her how to use the publishing software and provide a final edit.

I began posting the newsletters on the website in September of 2011.  She has continued to faithfully create these newsletters each month, updating the look a little along the way.  This month marks two years of her monthly newsletters.  As a parent, I am blessed to see her spiritual growth and desire to minister to other young ladies.  She continues to enjoy this ministry.  I encourage you to check out Girl’s Mini Ministries on our website.  The September issue was just released.  This month’s topic is “Inner Beauty”.