Shooting for the Mark

SFTM-CoverThumbThe time our children have in our home is fleeting.

Our charge as parents is to prepare them to live as godly adults before the Lord.  For most of them, God’s plan will include marriage, a relationship that will shape the rest of their life and possibly future generations.

Shooting for the Mark lays out a spiritual roadmap by which we can focus on essential goals and character qualities we should seek to instill in our children before they leave our home as adults.

Shooting for the Mark is designed to be straightforward, a tool for family and personal devotion, and application-driven.  If the Lord has blessed you with arrows, make sure you are shooting for the mark.

To learn more, click here to preview the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 22.

Shooting for the Mark can be purchased for $8.50 plus shipping & handling by visiting the Bookstore.  All proceeds from sales will be directed to The Anchor Missionary Baptist Church building fund.  Bulk discounts can be arranged by contacting Pastor Keen at:

MORE from Matthew

The Anchor has diligently (and patiently) continued our in-depth study of The Gospel of Matthew during our midweek studies.  We have completed the Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7) and the study of Jesus miracles and messages in chapters 8 & 9.  All of the lessons (both teacher and student version) are posted on The Matthew Page and are available for individual or group study.  The Matthew Page was just updated to include the title and passage of each lesson, along with a description of some of the significant points covered in each lesson.  I want to especially direct your attention to the Sermon on the Mount.  Every Christian should carefully study this sermon and allow it to impact your heart.  When you take in these truths from Christ, it will not only deepen your fellowship with Him but it will have a meaningful and practical impact on your attitude and how you live your life.  Check out these lessons on The Matthew Page.  More lessons will be added as we complete them in class.

Marriage Conference Lessons

In 2010, The Anchor hosted a Weekend Marriage Getaway.  The lessons (Powerpoint Slides) and associated homework/activities have been added to the page.  This is meant to be studied as a couple, but any marriage will gain from personal study, even if your spouse can’t (or won’t) participate.

In the lesson, “God’s Purpose in Marriage” you will study: 1) the origin of marriage; 2) the source of marital problems; 3) the source of marital solutions; and 4) embracing the vision God has for marriage.

In the lesson, “Communication & Forgivness”  you will study: 1) why study communication and forgiveness; 2) attitudes of communication; 3) four rules of communication; and 4) forgiving and being forgiven.

Finally, in the lesson, “Change & Growth in Marriage” you will study: 1) recognizing the necessity for change; 2) identifying our goal for change; 3) learning how to become an instrument of change; and 4) understanding the consequences of failure.

Click here to check out the lessons and activities.