Two Great Blogs for Women

As I’ve looked at the site statistics over the past few months, I’ve noticed that a significant number of downloads come from the Women’s Lessons page.  There is definitely a hunger among Christian women for godly teaching addressing the needs they face every day.  That is why I’d like to use this update to highlight two blogs written by women I have a great deal of respect for: my wife, Mary, and our good friend, Jenna Johnson.

A Good Mess

A brand new blog hosted by my wife, Mary, a full-time homeschooling mother of four children, and a pastor’s wife.  Her blog focuses on finding Christ in the midst of marriage, parenting, and homeschooling.  She also plans to discuss homeschooling methods and material.

To Heaven and Back

A blog written by Jenna Johnson, a full-time mother of two boys, and a pastor’s wife.  Her blog focuses on many of the blessings and challenges she faces in life.  She is a very gifted writer who writes with refreshing honesty and a heart for the Lord.