Every Member Able to Admonish (EMATA)

The ability to use God’s Word skilfully to discern good from evil is required for spiritual maturity.  God’s will is for all of His children to grow in the knowledge and discernment of the Word.  To that end, the Every Member Able to Admonish (EMATA) series is designed as a hands-on approach to learning how to rightly divide the Word of God.  The subjects are explained, examples are provided, and questions are given to allow the students to dig in the Word and put what they have just learned into practice.

This study is very popular at The Anchor because I usually only teach for about 20 minutes, after which we break up into small groups, assigning one or two questions to each group to work on, then return to share our results and engage in good discussion.  The youth are included and enjoy learning from the adults and being part of a group.  This is a great opportunity to disciple them and show them that God’s Word has answers to everyday problems and that through careful study and prayer, God will reveal them to us.  Click here to check out this series.