Marriage Conference Lessons

In 2010, The Anchor hosted a Weekend Marriage Getaway.  The lessons (Powerpoint Slides) and associated homework/activities have been added to the page.  This is meant to be studied as a couple, but any marriage will gain from personal study, even if your spouse can’t (or won’t) participate.

In the lesson, “God’s Purpose in Marriage” you will study: 1) the origin of marriage; 2) the source of marital problems; 3) the source of marital solutions; and 4) embracing the vision God has for marriage.

In the lesson, “Communication & Forgivness”  you will study: 1) why study communication and forgiveness; 2) attitudes of communication; 3) four rules of communication; and 4) forgiving and being forgiven.

Finally, in the lesson, “Change & Growth in Marriage” you will study: 1) recognizing the necessity for change; 2) identifying our goal for change; 3) learning how to become an instrument of change; and 4) understanding the consequences of failure.

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