Preparing a People for Persecution – Sermon Series

persecuted-christians-bible-in-chainsThe waves of the American culture are rapidly shifting against Biblical Christianity. Those who would hold fast to God’s Word in this country must prepare themselves for increasing persecution in its various forms. God has provided us wisdom for these situations. The early church was strengthened and expanded in the fires of persecution. We must prepare ourselves to be faithful, even when it costs us.  In this three-part sermon series, we exposit 1 Peter 3:13-17.

In the first sermon we ask the question… are you ready to give an answer?  Do you have the conversation starter?

In the second sermon we acknowledge the certainty of slander and address two common slanders against Christians today: the accusation of hate speech, and the accusation of standing against women’s health.

In the final sermon we tackle a significant heart issue for the Christian: will you sanctify Jesus Christ as Lord of your life?  This is the fundamental questions Christians must answer as they face the opposition of culture to the truth of Jesus Christ and His Word.

You may listen to these sermons or download them by clicking here.