Women’s Resources

The following lessons were written by women, for women.  We hope they can be a blessing to you.


How to Connect the Gospel to Everyday Life

Seeing Christ in everyday life.  – by Mary Keen

Download: LESSON (183 KB)


Got Faith?

A study of the connection between faith and real life.  – by Mary Keen

Download: LESSON (183 KB)


An Ornament for God

A women’s lesson for the Christmas season – by Mary Keen

Download: Student (136); Teacher (131 KB)


Enduring the Winter

How to endure trials in a godly manner – by Mary Keen

Download: Student (52 KB); Teacher (52 KB)


Camping in Canaan

How to live in the presence of God – by Mary Keen

Download: Lesson (137 KB)


Salvation versus Sanctification

What is the difference between salvation and sanctification? –  by Jody Patterson

DownloAd: Lesson (88 KB)


Do you Serve or are you a Servant?

There is a difference between serving at one’s convenience and being the Lord’s servant. – by Mary Keen

Downlaod: Lesson (73 KB)

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