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Learning How to Forgive

Sin always brings destruction, especially in relationships.  When left unchecked, friendships, homes, and even churches can be completely destroyed by years of unresolved hurts.  Through the cross, Jesus made a way that sins can be forgiven by God and men.  This booklet is designed to help you understand the principles of forgiveness, the practical steps to reconciling relationships, and the means by which the cycles of anger and pain can be broken and rebuilt in love.

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Winning through Witnessing

A book by Bro. Aaron Binion based on The School of Biblical Evangelism by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

Evangelism is not the activity of some hyperactive Christians. The Great Commission commands every church member to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). The Lord’s redeemed should say so (Psalms 107:2).  How can I become more skilful and bold in my witnessing?  I encourage all believers to prayerfully consider the lessons taught in this book and grow in your ability to share the good news of Christ with others.

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Biblical Music – Contemporary or Southern Gospel: What does God say?

There are lots of thoughts and opinions on music.  Believe or not, God actually provides us guidance in Scripture that can add light to this subject.

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The End of Science, The Beginning of Faith

We are a people raised to believe that science has all the answers, or soon will.  The amazing innovations of our day that captivate our imaginations and surround our life seem to support this theory.  With all the years of innovation, science has yet to solve man’s greatest moral problems and answer life’s greatest questions.  Science is a blessing and it has its place, but there is a limitation to what we can glean from it.  Consider what God’s Word has to say about this important subject.

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Where is Your Samaria?

Samaria was a city Jesus travelled through on His way to Galillee.  For the disciples, it was not a destination, merely a waypoint that they wouldn’t have minded skipping.  Yet, Jesus started a small revival in that community while traveling through town.  Sometimes the waypoints of life are spiritual destinations.  Where is your Samaria?

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