myBible – Translations

bible-translationsThe Anchor completed the lesson on the translation of the Bible from the original languages into the languages of the nations, with a special focus on the English language.  The earliest Bible translations likely occurred before the New Testament was even recorded.  Today, we have dozens of translations just in the English language.  What is the history of the translation process?  How do I make sense of all the English translations available today?  We broke this study into two segments: the history of Bible translation from the beginning to the King James Version.  We then devoted a second lesson to Contemporary English Bible Versions.  The latter lesson is based upon Chapter Two of the book, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Douglas Fee and Gordon Stuart.

These lessons are now posted on the myBible page.

The myBible series is divided into five broad topics:

  1. Structure & Organization of the Bible
  2. Inspiration of the Bible
  3. Canonization of the Bible
  4. Transmission of the Bible
  5. Translation of the Bible up to the King James Version
  6. Contemporary Translations of the English Bible

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