Am I Saved?

Without question, salvation is the most important teaching of Christ that needs to be understood.  It is not a solitary thing; you must also understand the concept of sin and be personally convinced of how it applies to you.  It is also essential that you understand who God is and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Finally, because of who God is (sinless) and who we are (sinners), there is a great and eternal separation that looms before us at death unless we can overcome sin.  The message of salvation, also called the gospel, is the answer to the problem of sin and is a message of great hope for a dying world.

This teaching is often confused and misunderstood.  God’s Word is not ambiguous.  This article is meant to be a simple explanation of the gospel, a message you desperately need to hear.  I encourage you to read it thoughtfully and prayerfully.  Contact information can be found in the article if you have further questions.

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